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Flea Eggs

If you want to get rid of fleas, then you need to know some key facts about flea eggs. Even when using an ultrasonic device like Pest Repeller Ultimate AT, you may still have to deal with some of the eggs that the fleas have left behind. Considering that a female flea can produce more than 25,000 offspring in one month, it’s best that you tackle this problem sooner, rather than later.

With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about removing flea eggs from your home.

What do flea eggs look like?

Flea eggs are very small. However, they’re not quite invisible to the naked eye, and ten flea eggs lined up end to end would be about as wide as a penny. If fleas have nested on your pets or furniture, take a close look. Since flea eggs often gather in bunches, it makes them easier to spot

Where can I find flea eggs in my home?

Since fleas are often carried in on pets, they can end up wherever that pet goes. Some of the most common places to find flea eggs are couches, beds, comfy chairs, and carpets. Consider all of the places that your pet likes to lie down or sleep, and check those places first.

How long does it take for a flea to lay eggs?

If the fleas have nested in your home or on your pet for at least two days, then they may have laid eggs. These eggs will hatch within 4 to 12 days. However, if the environment is particularly humid (above 70%) or if the temperature is high (about 90 degrees), then these eggs can hatch even sooner than that. If you’re certain that flea eggs have nested inside your home, then you may want to turn off the heat in your home, or to turn on the air conditioning as high as possible.

What can I do to remove flea eggs?

Often, simple carpet cleaner will remove any flea eggs that have nested within your carpet, as will heavy and repeated vacuuming. Regular soap and pet-bedding wash can also be effective. However, if you’re looking for a more intense solution, consider picking up wintergreen oil or orange oil shampoo, as it can be particularly deadly against flea hatchlings.

Remember: for every one flea that you find around your house, there are probably 200 more waiting to be found. By removing these flea eggs today, you can ensure that your house remains as clean and as bug-free as possible. When you use these tips in conjunction with a good ultrasonic pest repeller, the combination is absolutely lethal for fleas.

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