How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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The moment you see a rodent or a pest infestation like an insect colony, the first thing you do is to call a professional service that would indulge in techniques such as fumigation or the like to get rid of the pests. However, this is a rather expensive process and quite unnecessary too. There are several ways to handle the situation yourself and the best part about the ‘Do it yourself’ process is that, it is practically free. You will not be spending anything for the services apart from buying the initial equipment.

When you want to take care of pest control yourself, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Irrespective of what method you use, physical, chemical or electronic, you should remember that touching the pests or rodents should be avoided at all costs. They could be dangerous as some of them are poisonous. In addition, if they feel threatened, they can bite. Rats, mice and bats sometimes carry diseases and close contact with them can cause the disease to spread. If you are using chemicals and the like to get rid of the pests, remember that if they are fatal to the animals, then in all probability they are dangerous to you as well.

Among the three methods, the safest pest control method that you can do yourself would be the electronic way. All that is needed is a simple device that can be plugged in, after which it will function immediately. There are two types of electronic pest repellents, ultrasonic and electromagnetic. Among these two, ultrasonic are more effective. They work by emitting high frequency pulses that are irritating to pests and rodents which have a higher hearing range than humans. Pets and humans are not affected by these. An average home would need one of these devices for every floor but if you are looking to keep the pests out in the first place, then a few more along the outer periphery of the house would help.

Ultrasonic methods have several advantages over physical and chemical methods, both in general and when you do it yourself. In general, they are cheaper and not cruel to animals. These devices do not have the potential to kill pests but are very effective when it comes to keeping them away. When doing the pest control yourself, there is no cumbersome trap to set up and you do not have to handle poisonous chemicals. In addition, with electronic equipment, you have nothing to worry about the environment as there is nothing to dispose of.

Among the several ultrasonic equipments available, one of the most popular devices is Riddex Pulse. It is the most economical in the market and user reviews suggest that it is very effective in driving out pests. Unlike the other devices, there is no background humming or buzzing noise that can be heard by people in the house. Riddex is an ideal Do it yourself, pest control option.

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