How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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How to Get Rid of Bats

Thanks to the media and the perception of bats as vampires and other mystical creatures that draw blood from humans, they are feared by lots of people. However, they are rather docile creatures and have the unique distinction of being the only flying mammals. Bats are a common pest in houses. They enter through openings that are very small, sometimes as small as ½ inch in diameter. Normally, homeowners find that the bats have been living in the house for a long time and it is rather rare that the presence of a bat is found immediately except if you see it entering the house. Usually, they are harmless creatures but when provoked, they tend to bite, the natural response of any animal. There have been cases where bats enter closets and wardrobes and when people reach for their clothes or anything else, it might be the case that the bat is provoked. There is no reason to kill bats if they are found at home. Instead, guiding them out is the better option.

Like any pests in the home, they create a nuisance and cause disturbance. This could be by just flying around or if they are trapped inside a chimney or a space in the false ceiling, there would be thumping noises all the time. However, these are the less serious of the problems. Bats are a known source of rabies, just like dogs. A bite from a rabid bat spreads the disease and rabies is known to be fatal to humans. The first thing to remember when taking care of bats is that they should never be handled with bare hands. Rabies can be spread even by the smallest of bites. Moreover, if you can see the bat and want to get rid of it immediately, it is best to be patient. Opening a window and waiting for it to find the opening is the way to go.

If a bat has been living in the house for a long time, or it spends a lot of time in unreachable places, getting rid of it is rather hard. One of the best solutions available is using Riddex, an electronic pest repellant. It emits a high frequency pulse around the house that cannot be heard by humans but is well within the hearing range of bats. The same reason applies to why humans can’t hear bat cries. The sound is rather irritating for the bat and in a lot of the cases, it is driven out. There are several other options such as using chemicals or fumigating the entire home but in a lot of states, this is illegal. And unlike using chemicals, Riddex causes no side effects to anyone and doesn’t inflict any pain on the bat either.

Not only does Riddex drive away bats that are inside, the pulses it sends out prevents bats from entering the house. The best part is that it doesn’t just work on bats. In fact, it is known to be quite effective on a lot of other pests and rodents too. When dealing with bats, it is important to remember that bats don’t want to interact with humans either and trying to get rid of them would cause problems to the tune of an increased insect population. However, sometimes they do become intrusive and a non-painful method such as Riddex is the best way to get rid of them.

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