How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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Does Riddex Work?

When looking at Riddex, there are some people who are not entirely convinced that it works as advertised. Today, we’re going to address some of those concerns and show you why ultrasonic pest repellers, such as Riddex, are the best option on the market for those who want to protect their homes from rodents, bugs, and other pests.

Why is Riddex so much cheaper than other pest control options?

Protecting your home from pests can cost hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, especially if you already have a significant pest problem. However, products like Riddex and Pest Repeller Ultimate AT each cost less than $50. How does that work? Well, thanks to modern technology, the companies behind these products have been able to develop a solution that is not only effective, but it is also affordable.

So, instead of using expensive poisonous gases, or tearing down a section of wall in your house, invisible ultrasonic waves spread throughout your home, protecting it just as well as some of the more expensive alternatives on the market. There are no recurring costs, as the ultrasonic pest repeller sends out waves whenever it is plugged in, and requires only a small amount of electricity to run.

Furthermore, the only labor involved in the process is the assembly of the device itself. Customers do not have to pay for a specialist to install the ultrasonic pest repeller in their home, nor do they have to pay for extra materials and accessories. Just like any good piece of technology, you plug in these pest repellers and they simply work.

How do the ultrasonic waves protect my house from pests?

This is a common question from people shopping for ultrasonic pest repellers. Exactly how do these mysterious waves protect my home? Without going into an in-depth scientific discussion on the physical properties of waves and matter, suffice to say that the repeller emits signals that only pests can hear.

So, small creatures like bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and bats can all detect these signals, and will try to flee away from the noise. Put simply, nobody – even pests – wants to live in a place where they are constantly bombarded by noise. With these ultrasonic waves constantly pounding throughout your home, pests will want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

You know that faint buzzing you hear around electrical lines? Some pest repellers, like the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT, are designed to produce a similar buzz in your house’s electrical system. Obviously, this buzz occurs at a much lower voltage, and can cause no harm to your electronics or the people inside your home. Instead, larger rodents like mice will hear this buzz, and find it extremely annoying. Basically, pests will see your house as an impenetrable wall of angry noise when they come close. The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT produces this electrical signal via the electrical socket that it is plugged into.

Will these ultrasonic waves annoy my dog or cat?

No. As mentioned above, these waves are designed specifically to affect pests, and are inaudible to humans, dogs, cats, and every other common household pet. These waves do not cause any harmful effects to our bodies, and will not affect your home, your electronics, or anybody in your family.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers harm the pests?

One of the best parts about these devices is that they repel pests, as opposed to killing them. This means that you won’t end up with dead pests lurking behind your walls. This will prevent your house from smelling funny, as it often does with other pest control techniques.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves do not bring significant pain to the pests. Instead, it simply makes your house so annoying and loud to live in that no pest will want to nest there. So, even if you hate the pests that could be living in your walls, it is comforting to note that the repeller simply drives them away, as opposed to bringing them significant pain.

How many pest repellers will I need to ensure that my home is protected?

This is another important question to ask before purchasing an ultrasonic pest repeller. In general, Riddex protects about 2,000 square feet of a single floor, while the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT protects slightly more than that. Keep in mind that the waves may not be able to penetrate to areas like a basement, or may not reach as high as the top floor of your home.

Put simply, if you’re living in an average condo or apartment, one ultrasonic pest repeller should suffice. If you’re living in a multi-floor home, buy one for each floor that you want protected. Keep in mind that Riddex has a fantastic 2-for-1 deal, meaning that you can get twice as much protection at a surprisingly low price of $29.95.

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40 Responses so far

How long can this device last? Meaning will the waves becomes lighten when being used for 10 years or more?

I have purchased your regular Riddex product to eliminate centipedes that are about two inches long and of course move very fast. I don’t think I am infested with them seeing only one or two in the evening when the lights go out and when I turn the light back on there they are.
I have even seen them run close by the Ridddex within two/three inches as if they are thumbing their nose at me. I did notice the green light on but the red light goes on and off so I am not sure if it is really working.
I would appreciate your help on I am a senior and they scare me silly when I get up through the night..

how long does the riddex sonic repeller continue working/?

Can RIDDEX switch on 24 hours without off? Please advise.

Please tell me how I go about importing the Riddex product to South Africa.

Where can I find comments from current users of the product.

how can I tell when its time to replace my riddex?

Can I use it around my dwarf bunny? The instructions say NOT to, however bunnies are NOT rodents. Thanks.

I have a Riddex sonic Plus, How long does it last for………

i too was wondering how long this device is good for. I have 2 in my home that i purchased a number of years ago and was curious as to how long it works for. i have had the odd mouse in the house since getting it but you jsut never know if it stopped working.

why there is no video any where on the web showing roaches running away from this thing where is the real proof

I have used this product for years and years. They last
a LONG time – I live in a desert area where there are
giant “Sewer” roaches. Since plugging in this product,
I have not seen a roach in years. No spiders, no ants,
no silverfish. Once in a while, I see a dead roach outside
but never in the house. This product WORKS.

I would like to know how long the Riddex system last. How often should they be replaced if I keep it plugged in all the time. Your website says if you already have mice problems they wont want to stay. So does that mean they will find a way to get out of your home if you put them also in the attic and basement?

Need to know if will eliminate scorpions – mother in law asked and called customer service but could not answer that question. Let me know.

Will this effect my guinea pigs?

how can you test the unit to see if its working? maureen

I have used top several top of the line UltraSonic Devices to ward off silverfish. I live in a high rise apartment in NYC. I am seeing silver fish more often then I would like…not one of these devices have helped. Why is the Riddex one different??? Plus silverfish are showing up where they shouldn’t normally be… the top of my bed pillow (!!!), near light switches and plugs….nothing near water…

I had noise in my walls, it sounded like rodent eating my wiring, however I order 3 electric repellants for 3 room and unbelievably so all noise stopped completely and they never came back. and its been anbout 2 months ago. I highly recommend riddex. sincerely r. suppe

My house is 110 volts, how I canuse it if it is 220 volts¿

How often do I replace the riddex


There are a number of questions about how long the riddex lasts but no answers. Question: How long does the Riddex plus continue to work?

I hope riddex gets rid of termites, spiders, and other pests.

Please make one for snakes!

I have not used mine for a few years now? and I found it
again this morning. Will it still work?

when red light blink on and off what do that mean. how long do thy last?

I still see mouse what’s wrong with mines

I cannot plug the riddick device into my wall. My house is
110 volts, and your product is for 220 volts. Why didn’t it
come with an adapter?

My mom and I purchased 4 Riddex for our apartments. None for them pulse on and off in 3 minute sequences as I just found out they are supposed to do. This explains why we are actually seeing MORE roaches in our homes. I had only seen an occasional one until a few days after plugging mine in. Now I see them quite often. It is disgusting. We are VERY displeased.

I have had a Riddex Pro plugged in permanently in my outhouse for nine months. It is brick and tile construction, measuring 8×6 feet. The rats have been continuing to come and go, leaving droppings all the time, and are not in the slightest bit deterred. There is nothing edible in there – only tools, paint and a bicycle. This device definitely is doing nothing to keep rats out!

Has anyone received a response as to when riddex should be replaced?

does ridex pro work in a travel trailer ?

If the red light is flashing does it mean it’s working or broken?

I bought to rid my home of rodents and ants and roaches a couple months ago but still see bugs. Not sure about rodents as I now have a cat.

How long does it last
I’ve had mine for 10yrs plus I believe
So is it still working! All lights still function!

Thank you
Cherri young

How long does riddex power plus last it has a red blinking light but I’m not sure if it is working or not

. You talk about everything concerning the product except longevity of this product , can’t find any feedback online about how long the riddex power plus is supposed to last

I want to purchase this product, a friend showed me in Nigeria, how can I make my own order this is my local number 07034734388

I have had mine for 8 years and it still work! I do see silver fish every now and then!

I’ve had mines over a year and I’m very disappointed with doesn’t work never have..I thought that I would give it a chance..but it’s not worth it

How long does the riddex electronic device work or last??

I would like to know how long they last? I have had mine for several years. Do they need to be replaced?

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