How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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Riddex vs Traditional Pest Control

Innovations and inventions have proliferated in almost every aspect of life and even pest control today is modernized to a large extent. Pests have been unwanted guests in homes since a long time and it has been top priority for homeowners to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Starting with chasing away any existing colonies of pests or individual rodents, to barricades such as barbed wire, metal fencing and the like, pest repellent systems have become digital and electronic. Compared to the traditional methods of pest control, these modern electronic ones have several advantages. Let’s see how they are better.

Firstly, a lot of the traditional methods of pest control require extensive use of chemicals. While they are effective against pests, the same toxins can affect pets and perhaps even humans living in the house. Conventional rat poison is known to kill pets. On the other hand, electronic pest repellents, especially ultrasonic ones work by emitting high frequency waves that are not audible to humans and pets but drive away the pests. In addition to being poisonous, even if proper care is taken to avoid touching them, traditional pest control methods usually emit a foul odor and fumes that take a long time to diffuse. Spraying fumigants or other chemicals creates a noxious smell that is irritating to pretty much everyone. Electronic repellents work without any such aftereffects.

Handling chemicals or traps for rodents is best done by an exterminator. It requires the presence of an unknown stranger at home and this is something most of us are not comfortable with. Most electronic devices, especially ultrasound pest repellents require no installation whatsoever. They merely need to be plugged into a socket and they begin working. In addition to all this, electronic repellents have been proven to be more effective against pests than traditional methods.

There are some cases where pests, especially insects are known to live inside walls of the house. Chemicals and toxins do not reach these animals and hence are not very effective. However, an ultrasonic repellent drives away even this. In case of an electromagnetic repellent, the major effect is on the pests living inside the walls. The largest front on which the digital methods trump traditional ones is the cost factor. Chemicals need to be replenished and they cost a lot of money, sometimes to the tune of several thousands of dollars. On the other hand, digital devices are a onetime investment of a much lower capital.

One of the most popular ultrasonic electronic pest repellents and our personal favorite is Riddex. It just needs to be plugged in and the device starts working by emitting high frequency pulses that don’t affect people and pets. Several studies have shown that it is effective in both driving away pests as well as preventing them from entering the home.

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