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The Best Three Methods to Get Rid of Mosquitos

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Are mosquitos bugging you and your family? Are they turning a fun family vacation into a horrible, bug-swatting adventure? Mosquitos are some of the most annoying creatures on earth, and, unfortunately, they’re not going to disappear any time soon. And, even more frightening, they can often carry viral diseases, like West Nile Virus, that can sometimes be fatal. For all of these reasons, it has never been more important to find a good mosquito repellent.

There are a number of different ways to get rid of mosquitos. While all of these methods are effective, our clear winner is the Bite Shield repellent system, which provides comprehensive protection against mosquitos and other bugs without the mess and hassle of using a spray.

3) Mosquito repellent sprays

Sprays are easy to use and will coat your body with a wall of mosquito-fighting power. However, these repellent sprays do not actually deter mosquitos from attacking your body, they just make it very difficult for mosquitos to locate you in the first place. For that reason, they may not be as effective as our next two solutions.

As you may or may not know, the main ingredient in many mosquito repellent sprays is DEET, which is a toxic chemical. In large doses, it can have harmful effects on your body, and is particularly dangerous for children and pets. While most mosquito repellent sprays use only a small percentage of DEET, it can still have many harmful effects on your body. If you want to avoid this risk, then you’re better off choosing one of the next two options.

2) Mosquito repellent creams and other home-based remedies

A number of creams and other home-based remedies can be used to solve your mosquito problems. Lemon eucalyptus oil, when rubbed on the body, is said to provide about an hour of protection, and has become a main ingredient in several sprays and creams. Meanwhile, natural products like fennel, thyme, clove oil, and celery extract have also been shown to prevent mosquitos.

Other popular products like Citronella candles do a so-so job of repelling mosquitos. Some people also suggest that eating foods with lots of garlic will repel mosquitos (and everybody else) away from you.

Ultimately, the effects of these ingredients will vary for each person. Since you’re applying these creams and sprays directly onto your body, there may be other factors that cause mosquitos to bite you, and these factors could overrule the particular spray or cream that you are using. Often, the best way to prevent this from happening is to set up a powerful wall against mosquito attacks, which is why we chose Bite Shield as our number one mosquito repellent option.

1) Bite Shield mosquito repellent fragrance

The easiest way to prevent mosquitos from attacking you is to use Bite Shield Biting Insect Repellent, which puts up a wall of protection around you and your loved ones. Simply place the device nearby, and it begins to quietly distribute a pleasant fragrance that has been scientifically proven to turn away insects. It uses naturally-occurring ingredients and contains no chemicals, sprays, or DEET, which makes it a great mosquito repellent to use around children and pets.

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Why is Bite Shield our top choice? Well, instead of spraying yourself with chemicals every time you want to go outside, you can simple bring Bite Shield with you. Not only does this save you time, but it prevents you from being exposed to dangerous chemicals. By putting up an umbrella of protection in a fifteen foot radius, Bite Shield allows you to get back to enjoying the outdoors.

If mosquitos are not the only thing that is attacking you outdoors, then you’ll be pleased to note that Bite Shield also provides protection against a number of other insects. Almost all bugs seem to hate the ingredients in Bite Shield, which makes it a perfect, one-stop solution for all your repellent needs.

Bite Shield is also eco-friendly and portable, which makes it an ideal tool for any outdoor adventure. Unlike DEET, Bite Shield’s formula does not tear a hole in the atmosphere, and lasts for approximately 72 hours on a single charge. And, at its current sale price of $19.95 USD, Bite Shield is a much more affordable solution than most of the other products on the market.

For all of these reasons, we highly recommend Bite Shield as the best mosquito repellent in the industry. Its comprehensive, one stop solution makes it a perfect addition to any camping trip, and it provides a larger protective radius than virtually any other mosquito repellent system. Affordable, effective, and easy to use, Bite Shield is clearly the best mosquito repellent on the market.

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