How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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Electronic Pest Control

Do you want a highly innovative way of preventing the pests and insects to intrude in offices and homes by using some very sophisticated electronic devices? Well, if you do, electronic pest control mechanism may turn out to be the handiest for you. In the marketplace, variety of electronic pest repellers are available that not only kill the insects but also paves a path for cleaning up the bad air. These user friendly devices are of plug-n-play type and do not require any kind of prior installation. These electronic devices are safe to use for skin or any other human body parts as no such chemical, poison or any powder trap are used which can harm living creatures.

Pros of Using Electronic Pest Control

These electronic devices kill variety of rodents like ants, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, rodents, bed bugs, rats, lizards, etc. So far, no harm to the eco-system has been reported after using these electronic devices. Some advanced pest control devices even offer a utility to filter the surrounding air from many air borne germs. Since these devices are safe to pets or kids, nowadays, these devices are widely used in many hotels, offices, hospitals or even homes. Several vital institutions and offices have their electronic pest control systems installed to get rid of the pest menace.

Various Types of Electronic Pest Control Devices

There are primarily two types of electronic pest control devices available in the market and those are ultrasonic and electromagnetic:

  • Electromagnetic pest control devices basically work on the electromagnetic field produced in the walls by the electrical wiring. These devices alter the electromagnetic field of the wiring, and vibrate the field around the walls. The field is always present around the wiring in the walls.
  • Ultrasonic devices emit short wavelength and high frequency sound waves that are greater than 20,000Hz, something that is too high for the human ear to detect. Animals like dogs, bats and rodents only can hear the sound wave at this frequency. They have special organs to detect these sound waves which humans don’t possess.

Repulsion Effect on Pests

Electromagnetic devices repel insects and prevent pest infestation by changing the magnetic field of the walls. These devices have shown deadly impact on cockroaches, although the degree of repellence depends on the intensity, frequency, and the pre-existing condition of the rodent infestation.

Ultrasonic sound devices work, however varying with the insects. On many pests, they show both a repellent effect as well as a reduction in mating and reproduction of various insects. Not always these devices put the most detrimental effect on all the rodents. Some devices have high impact on crickets but not on cockroaches. Many insects like ants and spiders are not affected by the ultrasonic sound waves that much and hence if your home is infested with these, better go for the electromagnetic devices.

There are many patented electromagnetic devices available in the markets which are highly effective and safe to use. Riddex Plus is such a highly recognised product which is really effective in repelling the pests like rats, roaches, ants. More importantly, the device is really affordable for the common masses and very much safe at the same time as it does not produce smoke, fumes or poison.

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