How to Get Rid of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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Using Riddex – It Works

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face is pests. Having pests in the house is a nuisance as they are known to spread infections, germs and bring in undesirable and foreign substances. Apart from the physically adverse effects, they are just plain annoying and spoil the peace that we would like to have in our homes. There are a myriad of options when it comes to pest repelling but a lot of them are harmful to pets, sometimes even to humans, while others are plain cruel. Riddex is an electronic pest repellent that uses nothing more than the existing wiring inside the walls to keep pests away from your home.

The way Riddex works is that it emits waves of extremely high frequency that are harmless to humans and common pets such as cats, dogs and birds but these waves create a repulsive atmosphere for household pests. A single Riddex machine can keep one floor of an average house pest free. This includes keeping even the walls, the false ceiling and all nooks and crannies clean. As an alternate working mechanism, even the pulses around the wiring of the house are changed so pests living inside the walls or the ceiling are driven out.

Riddex is a relatively simple device and unlike chemical methods of treating pest infestations in the house, there are no after effects such as cleaning up dead animals. It just drives them away. In addition, the whole process is ethical and no animal is subject to any form of mistreatment whatsoever. There are no foul smelling emissions or toxic remnants after using Riddex. It is very simple to set up and one can do it at home without the help of an electrician or handyman. If your house is multi floored, it is advisable to have one for every one of them, and more than one well placed device on the lower floors isn’t a bad idea either.

There have been several complaints about the actual working of Riddex. Since it is an electrical repellent, there have been questions to the tune of “Does Riddex work?” or “How effective is it?” Given a product like this, the effects vary from home to home and depend on a lot of factors. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that Riddex does work in driving away pests and keeping them at bay. For newly built or refurbished houses that are known to be pest free, Riddex seems to help in preventing them from entering in the first place. Undoubtedly, there have been several complaints to the authorities and this has led to a thorough review. It has been found in certain cases that even people hear a constant whining or buzzing noise and some have said that the device works at most for a week. However, the positive reviews outweigh the complaints.

Common pests in the house include rats, cockroaches and bedbugs. Rats can be found anywhere in the house, cockroaches in dark and damp places like the underside of the sink and bedbugs, well, under beds. Riddex is known to be effective against all of them and several users of it have found that even the darkest cupboards are rodent and cockroach free.

Riddex is a completely safe, harmless free pest and rodent repellent that is easy to install. It is not always effective and perhaps an occasional disturbance might be felt by humans and even pets but the end result is that the home is pest free

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